Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Party, Party, Party

Spring rolled into the Litchfield Hills with Denis Leary's annual Young Writers' Project for ASAP.

June started with the annual Gunn Library Luminaries Dinner Parties:

Kudos to Abdo and his solistice party @ WAA:

The annual Pilobolus Ball followed at Quatre Vents:

July 4th weekend fireworks on Lake Waramaug and at Shepaug Valley were fun, as was the road race in Steep Rock which followed a wedding at the New Haven Lawn Club.

At the NHLC I officiated as a Justice of the Peace, at the wedding of Taryn and Michael, who are off to Nantucket today! Congrats guys!

July begins with at lawn party at Hollister House Garden in Nettleton Hollow:


And Tea for Two Hundred follows in the Depot:

And towards the end of July, there's a Momix Party in Nettleton Hollow:


A.K.A FITCH is named after Ezra Fitch who had a country home up the road from here in the Romford Valley.
Ezra co-founder http://www.abercrombie.com in 1892.

Lots more to follow....

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